Lab Luxembourg SA (Labgroup) is the first PSDC to be certified in Luxembourg

Lab Luxembourg SA (Labgroup) is the first PSDC to be certified in Luxembourg

Lab group

Pierre Dewez, CEO – PECB Europe, Etienne Schneider – Minister of the Economy, Bernard Moreau, CEO – Labgroup, Jean-Marie REIFF, Director – ILNAS

At a press conference held at the Ministry of the Economy on Wednesday 1st of February, Étienne SCHNEIDER, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of the Economy, Jean-Marie REIFF, Director of ILNAS (Luxembourg Institute for Standardisation, Accreditation, Security and Quality for Products and Services) and Bernard MOREAU, CEO of Labgroup, marked the start of Archiving 2.0.

Indeed, the certification of the first PSDC (Provider of Digitisation and Conservation Services), concretises the implementation of the law of the 25th of July 2015 on electronic archiving, and the establishment of the digital trust chain, which extends from the European Union to the holder of information, through the Luxembourg State and the third-party archiver.

PSDC certification, a long-standing work

As a third-party archiver for 40 years in Luxembourg, Labgroup had to prepare itself for the future by initiating its digital transformation in the early years of the 21st century. The strategy aimed to be the leading edge in the evolution towards a paperless society (or, in the medium term, with less paper). In parallel with investing in a state-of-the-art, highly protected storage and archiving infrastructure, Labgroup has developed a comprehensive and continuously improved Information Security Management System (ISMS).

These efforts to control risks were rewarded in 2014 by obtaining the ISO 27001 international certification (already a first for an archiver in Luxembourg), in terms of information security management covering all related activities (digitisation, physical and electronic archiving). With this first step achieved, it remained to obtain the new status of PSDC, created by the law of 25th July 2015 on electronic archiving.

As first candidate, Labgroup was logically the first company whose processes and procedures conformed to the requirements of the PSDC standard, Labgroup was audited in November 2016. Following the positive verdict of the certifying body, ILNAS placed Labgroup on the list of legal persons with the status of PSDC under the number 2016/9/001 and implemented immediate supervision for which the institute is responsible.


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